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Scour Jet High Pressure Cleaning

Let our team at Plumbing Specialty in Murrieta, CA use the Scour Jet process to safely and effectively clean your drains. If you think about it, drain pipes suffer regular abuse and can slow over the years from a buildup of hair, grease, soap scum and even earrings, small toys and other debris that happens to fall into a drain. You can be certain that old drains simply won't function as well as clean drains.

At Plumbing Specialty, we're pleased to offer the safe and effective Scour Jet high-pressure cleaning process to restore drains to nearly-new functioning. This process is guaranteed safe for all types of plumbing, can remove years of debris and buildup and is proven to be the best way to clean lines blocked by years of regular use.

When combined with the more traditional means of drain cleaning we have available, there's no drain problem we can't solve. 

It's no one's fault when drains slow or stop, and there's no reason to delay calling for help. Trying to clean a drain yourself is a tiring, frustrating and often useless task that results in little or no improvement in function. But Plumbing Specialty and the Scour Jet process can get things moving again for you.


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