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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

We're here for you at Plumbing Specialty in Murrieta, CA with the sewer line repair and replacement services you need at fair prices. Depend on us for quick service that will restore full function faster than you ever imagined possible – and we'll make sure we do as little damage to your yard as possible too.

Our sewer line repair and replacement services are the right choice if you experience problems like:

a cracked, broken, collapsed or offset pipe caused by shifting ground, freezing, settling or any other event

a blockage caused by grease, foreign objects or other matter that restricts the flow of the pipe and makes traditional sewer pipe cleaning impossible

 corrosion because of deterioration related to age, bad materials or other reasons

a section of sunken pipe that causes a collection of paper, waste or other debris inside the line that doesn't clear properly

leaking pipe joints caused by broken seals that allow the water to escape where it shouldn't

roots in the sewer line

and more.

Simply contact us for professional service now. We'll come to you fully equipped to make necessary repairs so you can quickly get on with what matters to you. Please call now, because your problem will only get worse if you wait.


Don’t wait until the problem gets worse — we’re standing by to give you a no-obligation estimate today. Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (951) 552-3654.

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